Saturday, February 09, 2013

Let it simmer

Most jokes, the more I hear them... the less funny they are. I laugh hard the first few times- because let's be honest, I don't remember I've heard them the first few times... after that, a small chuckle just to humour the teller of the joke. (pun intended)

But... this... honestly is getting funnier and funnier to me... I read it yesterday, and it made me giggle... now I just think about it and I'm laughing loudly.

It was a comment left by Olson ...
"When you wrote "Hanging from the ceiling fan/lamp in my living room is a ball" I thought you were telling us how much you enjoyed hanging from the fan."

New topic- I'm on a bread baking binge. I've been making my bread instead of buying it- part of that whole new year's resolution to make more of my own food. The English muffins are being made biweekly... Yesterday Kaye and I decided to take on the challenge of a new recipe... Date Pecan Bread. We had one success, and one .. um ... failure. BUT... in the success department.. the loaf is GONE. EATEN. I'll be making it again.

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