Sunday, February 10, 2013


I feel like I should be writing a post about this week's storm.
I spent most of Saturday morning digging myself out... Sure, my next door neighbour has a snow blower, but I've yet to see him use it this year- John (my neighbour) is in his 80's. The neighbour on the other side of him and myself take turns digging John out usually... his wife toddles to the door in her nightie and chides us for doing it every time "oh, you! You don't need to do that, we have a snow blower".  In the three years I've lived in this house, I think I've only seen her dressed a handful of times. She's even come to my door in her nightie.

Anyway, I had this feeling in the pit of my stomach that this would be the storm where I'd really appreciate the use of a snow blower... but the likelihood it wasn't going to start was high.

So I started to dig. I dug out the neighbour on the other side of my house... the crazy neighbour... she watched me through her window, then when I was done yelled at me for doing it, and muttered something really rude about my other neighbour always doing it and "I like to shovel my own snow!"

I didn't bother to do her blocked driveway.

I moved onto my own driveway blockage.

Still no sign of John or his snowblower.

I started to dig out my car. John's sons show up in their trucks and park in front of my snow pile... this makes it very hard to dig... One of the sons says "don't bother with the end of your driveway, we're going to fire up Dad's snowblower, we'll clear it our for you". Very nice of him to offer.. but if all 3 of John's sons have shown up to "fire up" the snowblower.... there's something wrong with the snowblower... and I do have to be able to get to work. Actually, I have to be able to get to work and not smell of sweat from frantically shoveling out at the last minute, so I need to be done with enough time to shower. So I start to dig.

The snow is up past the wheel wells of the trucks. But the sun hasn't been out long, so it's not wet, just packed from the plow... totally doable.

Slow and steady, I feel fine as the pile in the drive gets smaller, and the mountains in front of the house grow. Twice I have to shovel the top of the snow piles in the yard to keep the tops low enough so I can still sling more snow on to them.

But... it's all done.
John's snowblower didn't start.
I went snowshoeing.

Funnier version of this boring story tomorrow.

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