Monday, February 04, 2013

February - Monday Bunday

I've got the February blues.... The sun is starting to win, but I'm more than willing to call it quits minutes after waking... preferring to fall onto the nearest couch and stare at the wall.

Last night I had two great blog posts composed in my head.
They're gone now.

Here's this guy....

More than the usual disapproval, mixed with a little relief and gratitude. Bunny/bathtub smackdown number 2 of this year happened last night. Maybe he's feeling the blues too? He just hasn't been putting any effort into working on the mats of fur around his tail, and then (maybe too much information here?) he gets crap stuck to them... then can't reach properly to get to his first poops (bunnies have a double digestion thing they do... it's kind of gross) so he just keeps getting softer and softer craps, till he's a sticky gross mess... and then his stomach starts bothering him because he's not getting all the nutrition he should be getting from his food... so then he doesn't want to eat....

I'm making an appointment for him this week to shave some of the trouble spots... it should be an interesting experience.

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