Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy V Day- Garfield minus Garfield

In honour of St. Valentine's day, I'm bringing back my favourite online dating story... because honestly... it still cracks me up... and it's a great reminder to watch out for the crazies.

I cut part out- the long drawn out part about how I puke when I'm tired or stressed or.. whatever... This happened early in the morning.

WHY (the week of valentines) ....why so many notable crazies?

I got another of those stimulating emails ("hi how r you") from a winner on the dating site. I'm not going to post his photo (that would be mean)... but his blurry self-taken image (not even a bathroom mirror shot) showed an unshaven (not in the good way) slightly drunken man in a basement apartment. Location? That often mocked industrial city to the west of us.

His "about me section" :
"Oshawa Ontario, hey what girl i like to go for bake run and i like to go i like to go for woke i like to work on car i am for shawa i like to work to i like to lis to music i like mover to i like tv to cool"

He also wanted to go for caffe for his first date.

I realize that some people struggle with their ability to write, I'm not making fun of that*... I'm setting the story up for this next part...

The part that brought me to the porcelain with my uncontrollable laughter was in his bio- there's a section that has quick info listed in the same order on each profile, including schooling, employment, pets, if they have a car, if they drink/do drugs.

(no joke)

Pets: Cat
Profession: -cat

*ok, maybe I'm making fun of that.

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