Tuesday, July 24, 2007

everyday when your walkin' down the street

If you've ever lived with me at any point in the past few years, you know I've a bit of a soft spot for Arthur, and you've probably heard me yell randomly "cat on my head".
In university we didn't have all that many channels.. ok, we had three... and one was french. We'd often go over to "the unit" to watch cable, Thursday night held a standing date between our house and the one behind us...
Anyway, I'm getting away from my point. really, there is one today.

So, my favorite episode EVER of the Arthur series is the one where Francine's cat meets Pal (Arthur's dog). ...in later episodes they can talk (to each other) but that first contact resulted in the cat jumping up on Arthur's head, and him running randomly around in circles screaming "cat on my head, cat on my head, cat on my head!" with his hands waving in the air.
pretty funny.
ok, I'll admit, I laughed so hard I might have even peed a little. It was random.. and very Simpson's like in it's delivery.

no, really, I do have a point...

so, last night I was walking down the stairs, nearly at the bottom , with Fynn in my arms, and a phone in my hand.
Phone rings,
Fynn freaks,
he then scrambles up onto my shoulder, loses his balance, then ...
jumps on my head.
From there, he jumped onto the stairs.... scratching the beejebus out of my scalp.

what's my first thought?
"Fynn on my head, Fynn on my head, Fynn on my head!"

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Suzanne said...

wouldn't you know it - I sang your blog title even before I read the content :P