Thursday, July 12, 2007

read all about it

discover all the news...
comon' and read all about it...
discover all the clues ....

(another cheesy tv song, I loved the show though)
Today, the NEWS!

but first, a word from our sponsors... errr.. actually not really

CBF~ if you're reading this, my home computer keeps freezing when I go to type on buddy's page, but I'll set up a vox so we can chat more about the Snoezelen room stuffs, I got some ideas :)

and now, back to regular programming

errr, have you lost it?

did I ever have it?


ok, so our local newspaper is generally lacking in any "news", so I turn to the Bean nearly daily- paper and a coffee? what better a way to end a day? (I'd start the day like that, but no way am I getting up any earlier!!!) Today, not a Toronto Star to be seen... and nary a Globe and Mail... and so, I settled on the NY Times... bad choice. It took my misery from low to sub-low (ok, it's late) ... the articles were breaking my heart. I won't even go into details about most of the stuff I read... oh!! but this one article-(which made me laugh more than anything) people in Manhattan are paying the same per square footage as they're paying for condos ... as for their parking spaces!!!
So... I'm miserable. miserable-er?
And grabed a Link magazine instead.
After just two article, the world is a great place to live again... a land of benevolence (in the true meaning of the acted out word), a land with a six string nation guitar... go grab one when you can, there's a stack at the train station, at the Bean... and a few other places....

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