Wednesday, July 11, 2007

700 club

Growing up, I was a big fan of the sesame St scene.
I'd get SOOOOOO grumpy when the 700 club came on, marking the end of children's television for another morning...

I'd like to welcome you to post number 700.

I don't know if they count the drafts that will eternally sit in the draft box.
Those posts would be the ones with to much swearing or slamming of people.

That said... welcome to slamswear-fest

Today was horrible. I feel like shit. I feel abused, I feel walked on, and I feel unsupported.
Please pray that I don't stoop to the level some people feel the need to walk on, pray that I'd be gracious, grin, and remember to pray for them...
errr... is it wrong that I pray just so that God will heap tonnes of fiery coal on their heads and their heads will catch on fire and they'll stink of smoke?

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