Friday, July 13, 2007

and more

in following with yesterday's post::

here's an excerpt from my favorite section of our local paper... It's the part I look forward to the most each day....

TODAY IN HISTORY (July 11th- I held on to this one...)

1919 - Six carloads of Gypsies showed up in Cobourg. Gypsy caravans had been a common sight, but now, automobiles had driven their wagons off the roads, so the Gypsies switched to cars too. They were still met with distrust. When one gypsy began to tell fortunes, Chief Ruse escorted the bunch out of town.

(lol, now they pay them to come to the waterfront festival?)

1935 - The Superior Store on Ontario Street in Port Hope had Aylmer peas on sale (who records this stuff?????) two tins for 21 cents. Sunkist oranges were 25 cents a dozen.

so, I'm thinking of heading down to the archive place to see what other gems I can dig up!!!

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