Saturday, July 28, 2007


I saw the Simpsons movie last night...
go see it!

ALSO yesterday I got to go to the zoo for work (yeah, I know, the zoo is pretty cool) (in fact... it IS my favorite place to be).
but guess what???


yeah, I was happy.

Strange thing though yesterday, I have NEVER seen those animals quite so active. I've been going to the PTBO zoo for years, I went daily for a few years, and yesterday:: The Python was slithering, the reindeer were running, the otterz were swimming, the dholes were running, the wallabies were sleeping (ok, I'm pretty sure the zoo doesn't even have real ones, I've determined that these same 4 creatures have ALWAYS been in the same spot forever, perhaps they are yard decorations) the meercats were digging, the tortoises were humping, the goats were pacing, the lemur was hopping *whew*!
there was a lot of activity.
it was great.... I nearly even forgot I was at work for a moment.

1 comment:

Beth said...

are you saying there was turtle sex going on at the zoo?!
O my.
No wonder my family never went to the zoo.
Who knows what might be going on behind closed chain link!