Monday, July 30, 2007

things that go "squeek" just a little too loud.

Phynnius Fynn Findley is away at a um... errr... sleepover tonight.
So, Pontouf is trying out the bunny condo. I'm hoping that by being in a bigger cage, he'll discover how great a litter box really is! mmmph. we'll see about that.

So, there are new hydro/telephone poles being put up on the street where I start my walk. It's been a pretty interesting thing to watch each day. These things are HUGE! much taller than the old ones. I was really interested in how they got them to stay upright... and straight, so I've been watching them closely. They have all sorts of gizmo's to get that thing set up! A huge cherry picking truck, winches, leavers of all sorts, crazy measuring devices of all sorts.... it's a big production, including 6-8 men getting the pole into position, and two directing traffic... so it brought me to a complete halt the other day, when as a finishing measure, the guy who was most defiantly in charge brought out... by far the most impressive piece of equipment.....
he walked across the street, reached into his pocket.... and pulled out a piece of string with a bolt tied to the end of it.... and used it at a plumb line while he squinted with one eye shut and held it up to compare the pole to it.

As sweet Frances once said "Here, in Canada, they have technology!"

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