Friday, July 20, 2007

in droves

funny, can't find something for forever, then they come flying at you in droves!

So, I got an email this week from the original person I'd contacted about the Flemish giants... not the German Shepherd ones. It said, "contacting the people on my waiting list, I have one doe, and one buck, light grey in colour, 7 weeks old, let me know right away" that was two days ago. SOOOO, of course, I hmmm and hawwwed for about 12 hours, then replied... "YES please" and gave both my phone numbers.
Turns out my answering machine, though it's plugged in, isn't recording messages (going to go buy a battery today to fix that issue... hopefully).
I haven't heard anything, haven't received an email... 7 weeks for a Flemy means it's going to be the same size if not bigger... than Fynn Fynn.

The phone rang just a few minutes ago... the German shepherd lady has 3 brown babies, cheaper price, and 5 weeks old.

I asked that I be given till tomorrow to decide...


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