Monday, July 09, 2007

errr. blogger seems to be having some technical difficulties... and if you've ever tried to report an error to them before... you know I'm not going to bother!
(side note:: I've spent a good hour trying to report an error, only to find my self sent in circles!)
in addition to the title bar not working... this post has posted itself... errrr... confused?

SOOOO, today's topic "self centred OR self centred"

ever have one of those moments? When everything is ok, and you don't have a worry or a thought of what you're suppose to be doing... where you're suppose to be .... what you should have done earlier? When you don't even think about what might be on the news.... or think about your blog...
I had a few moments like that this weekend.
And it was refreshing, but made me want more... when did life get so busy?

self.... centred.... centred in what? on what?
is that being self centred?

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