Thursday, July 19, 2007


although the camping was cancelled, it was for a good reason. Please pray for my friend T who's Dad just passed away, it's going to be rough for the next bit for her....

BUT... because camping is cancelled, many other things have sprung up in it's place. Including, but not limited to .... A concert tonight (never turn down the opportunity to hear two men passionate about their ukuleles), a JOB INTERVIEW Friday morning... which, as my program manager said "I hope you get it, it's doing the same job you're doing now, but you'll be able to focus on the individuals without all the extra stuff here, I'm sorry that I wasn't able to do that for you." (WOW!). BBQ Friday night with the house group rats, SVFF meeting type thingy sometime this weekend, camping in the Baltimore valley perhaps... I was told I could make pancakes on the campfire, so I may set my tent up (if the rain stops) if the rain doesn't stop, I have some movies to catch up on. A "church at our house" dinner, three mornings to sleep in, the possibility to go pick up my Flemish giant bunny (wondering if I should wait for the next litter as Fynn-Fynn isn't fixed yet) And hopefully a visit to Kaw and Caleb who are home from China for the month.
There's more, but it's slipped my mind.

ok, so this isn't one of the guys, but for those of you mocking the uke.....

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