Saturday, July 14, 2007

that whole thousand word thing....

So, today at work we stopped by the Heinkle Farm (home to Shelter Valley Folk Festival) where there was a yard sale/ auction / bake sale/ music/ kids events thingy going on.
A fundraiser.... for a barn.... not just any barn mind you, money to replace the barn for the Weirsma's, who's barn burnt down Easter morning this spring.
How fantastic, that we live in a community that is willing to put together events to support each other when their luck is down!
I am blown away by the kindness of people.

There was a small bulletin board set up with some pictures of their barn, before the fire, events, parties, work, daily life, and some pictures of the results of the fire...
But the picture that wrecked me was, one of their daughters.... walking away from the barn, snow on the ground, eyes brimming with tears, pain across her face.... the barn in flames in the background.

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