Friday, July 20, 2007

I haz interveew

Ok, so last night I had this dream that I was dating this big burly (read:: teddy bear) garbage man. Having never seen said garbage man before, I made sure to be dressed in time to take out the garbage this morning...

in case it was a prophetic dream.

in other news.
~I have an interview this morning. Pray it goes well and that if it does go well... that the start date details would sort themselves out.

~big bunny is coming home this week (end?) pray that it isn't eaten by a german shepherd before I get to pick it up.

~there was no big burly garbage man, just some little guys. I wonder if I modeled the guy after the 'burg bushman/construction guy? you know who I mean?

~ I found a post that I forgot to drag out of drafts from this week... I'll fix the post date so it can be read... lol... as if anyone's waiting.

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