Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Wish I'd had my camera with me when I let the ladies out for their daily "free range" time.
My chickens are chicken.
The snow is terrifying.

Add the fact that poor Darlene and Maria N'coco (the newer hens, I changed their names again- story to follow) are just learning about their wings, and we've got a chicken comedy routine like none other!

Darlene and Maria N'coco are young, and though they lived in a lovely coop and run, never were given the opportunity to stretch those wings and fly. Chickens are not known for their flight abilities... As they get older, they'll find it more difficult. For now, they can fly up-ish. And they can fly out and down-ish... they're best flying from something they've climbed up on (like the wall of the run, or off of a straw bale) to a point a few feet below.

Maria is more cautious about getting into things and only flies if Darlene flies, and she's half-hearted about it. She'll flap her wings and plunk lazily and ungracefully on top of the dog, or on Cheepers, or in the water dish.. whatever... usually about a foot and a half away from where she "took off".

Darlene though... she's scared ... or more chicken... of everything. But, she doesn't seem to realize she's the one in control of her body. She gets an idea and goes for it... and then...

She sees snow. She doesn't want to land in it! So, instead of dropping down the steps into the coop, she freaks out and flies into the wall, bounces off the wall, bounces off the steps, bounces off the other wall.... and lands in the snow... all while still flapping her wings frantically.

She spies Cheepers snacking out on the corn and grain on the snow covered lawn... hops up out of the run, onto the edge of the run... prepares to drop down to the treats.... REALIZES THERE'S SNOW... and starts flying.... and flying... till she's across the yard, gaining some height... nowhere to land but in the snow.... so she runs into the fence, bounces off the fence, flies till she bumps into the rain barrel and bounces into the snowdrift behind the lumber pile... and squawks till I come rescue her.

I'm telling you... GOLD comedy routine.

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