Sunday, February 05, 2012


I know, climate change has it in for us everywhere this winter.

I'm one of those strange ones who loves the fluffy white stuff. I love the way it makes everything look so clean, so smoothed out. I love the reflection of light, the magnification of bright... I love the crisp smell, or the damp air. I love the feeling of true cold under my feet, the hollow crunch of snow that doesn't give- or the way it mashes together as the air warms, the feeling and the visual of the slush parting around my boots.

The chickens won't leave the coop if there's snow on the ground... they're... chicken.

Meanwhile, I haven't even bothered to replace these yet...

I bought new bindings to replace the homemade ones... I found a place that would order them in for me (saving me the shipping). And I didn't even need a rivet gun. I just haven't bothered to put them on.

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