Friday, February 17, 2012

just wait

Do you ever get the feeling you're starring in your own tv show?
Like that Jim Carrey movie years back "the trueman show"? I'd never really thought about it until the movie came out, and then I was sure it was a message from MY show's producers to me. Really.
If I see something strange, I chalk it up to poor direction.
I WILL catch them in the act. I'll figure out how to get out of my show.

This morning was one of those moments.

When I let the hens out to free range in the yard, I usually sprinkle a little feed out in the yard. "Scratch", it's made of cracked corn and some other grains... the squirrels sit on the fence shaking their tails at me.

There's always a little left behind, so I've been getting some wild bird visitors and those tail shaking squirrels usually get a snack too.

This morning I watched a sweet little mourning dove walk down the path and start to round the gate, I turned away from the window to do something, then looked out again... AND THE BIRD WAS IN THE EXACT SAME PLACE walking at the same speed, just about to round the gate... laws of motion don't support this sort of occurrence. That bird should have been 3 feet or more from that spot at it's current pace... unless? UNLESS!! The director to my show had yelled "FREEZE" and even the dove froze.

That was the only explanation that made sense in my mind.

Until I saw the first bird out in the yard past the gate, and realized that I was just seeing a second bird.

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