Thursday, February 16, 2012


I live in a little house.
I love it.
As long as it's not cluttered. Sadly, storage isn't something I've got figured out yet...

Friends of mine have a theory that you're either an outtie or an innie when it comes to your organizational style. Neither is wrong... it's a preference and a system that works best for you. Innies like to have a place for everything and everything in it's place (out of sight)... while outties tend to have stacks. They know where everything is, and everyone can see everything.

I'm a closet outtie.

Rather, and outtie raised by strict innies.

I feel like I'm being bad if the kitchen counter is cluttered.
A dish in the sink??? OMG. trouble.

meanwhile, I can't get in my closet (as I have to build some shelving for sweaters etc). And I've yet to build the storage shelving in the basement- there is a carpet of boxes and tubs across the floor (unstackable).

I've found a way to make it easy to keep the kitchen clean though.

I moved the kitchen table the night of the last house concert (nearly two weeks ago) into the back room... and have never bothered to move it back. The kitchen is a dance hall/yoga studio now. oops.
But, at least the table isn't collecting items!

(note: the table IS collecting items, it's just in another room)

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