Tuesday, February 14, 2012

my very own garfield minus garfield

A few years ago one of the sheffrat family introduced me to the joys of "garfield minus garfield". A series of comics showcasing poor John's life, Garfield is taken out of the frames.. it's funny, and sad.

This morning I laughed so hard I puked.

Two things here- Early in the morning, or late at night, if I'm tired - I puke easily. It's just one of those awesome things about me. If I cry too hard, laugh too hard, or even think about it... my stomach will often turn on me.

The other? The reason for the laughter. The... garfield minus garfield of the situation.

WHY (the week of valentines) is this so in the forefront? Other than posting that article on the book of face, I've done nothing different... why so many notable crazies?

I got another of those stimulating emails ("hi how r you") from a winner on the dating site. I'm not going to post his photo (that would be mean)... but his blurry self-taken photo (not even a bathroom mirror shot) showed an unshaven (not in the good way) slightly drunken man in a basement apartment. Location? That often mocked industrial city to the west of us.

His "about me section" has been changed since I read it in the morning, but at the time it said
"Oshawa Ontario, hey what girl i like to go for bake run and i like to go i like to go for woke i like to work on car i am for shawa i like to work to i like to lis to music i like mover to i like tv to cool"

He also wanted to go for caffe for his first date.

But the part that brought me to the porcelain with my uncontrollable laughter was in his bio- there's a section that has quick info listed in the same order on each profile, including schooling, employment, pets, if they have a car, if they drink/do drugs.

(no joke)

Pets: Cat
Profession: -cat


moxywoman said...

I used to call these guys MOTW. That can either mean Man of the Week or Monster of the Week, depending on the situation.

Here's the motto I came up with whilst in the world of internet dating sites:

No grammar, no love.

One day I am seriously going to copyright it and make up t-shirts. You in?

L.Bo Marie said...

I'm SO in!