Thursday, February 23, 2012

it's a load

I carry my stress in my shoulders.
I know this.
Thankfully, work has a pretty good benefits package, so I've got massage coverage. Strangely I've never maxed out on it.

This year, I've decided to take full advantage- so I called around looking for a new RMT.
After a recommendation, I settled on one, and made the commitment to myself to go every 3 weeks.

strike one- When I called, I mentioned that I was looking for someone new to replace the RMT that I wasn't totally sold on. I was asked if I wanted the full hour, and responded that as I was "shopping" I'd prefer to just have the half hour - I'm meeting someone new, I'd like to see how it goes. I met my RMT and hit it off right away.... really liked what she did... and then she told me that tomorrow is her last day.

strike two- The building in under some renovations- great! How exciting! Except for the part where the newly installed pocket door fell off it's tracks and I was locked in the treatment room (sans clothing, on the bed) while my RMT frantically pulled on the door.. and had to call for assistance. RMT later said that the person helping her was just about to go get a hatchet when it opened. I hope that was a joke.

So... do I go back and hope there's no strike 3?

*from my RMT*
I'm surprised at your range of motion considering the state of your shoulders and neck.
Do you get headaches? Why are you not getting headaches?!
This isn't a money grab, I'm not here after tomorrow.. but you're going to have to come back in the next few days to continue this, otherwise it's been a waste of your time and money- after that you should be fine to come in just once a month... but not yet.
If we get locked in here, I'm sure we can figure out some other way to get out.

I REALLY miss my hot tub right now.

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Heather said...

I totally recommend Erin Dolan at Thrive on Division Street. She has been great for me for several years!