Sunday, February 19, 2012

not even monday bunday.

Finally moved the kitchen table back into the kitchen... sad day.
Though, for a good cause- breakfast.
More specifically, Elevensies.
Sometimes known as Brunch, though edging into the lunching hour.

My little sister had a birthday this weekend- I figured a table was one of those things she'd appreciate at her celebration meal... though, I wonder if she'd have preferred dance hall breakfast?

Anyway, snow, thaw, snow, thaw, thaw... daffs are up, snow, thaw, snow... the rabbit is in full molt. Have you ever seen a rabbit in molt? CHUNKS of fur falling out. A constant tumbleweed of fluff rolling across the floor.
I'm vacuuming daily...
As an ROUS, Pontouff is filling the vacuum canister daily.

Moving the table from the back room to the kitchen created a haze of fur and has left me sneezing like none other. Apparently there was a "drift" of fur in the back corner behind the table that I wasn't reaching when vacuuming... it was set free when the table was pulled away.


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