Thursday, February 09, 2012


Apologies to those of you who are used to me attempting the proper use of punctuation and capitalization in my entries. This piece was imported from another project.

i've been weaning myself off of the facebook. trying to get back in the habit of writing blog entries instead... June 2004 I wrote my first entry in this account. at one point i was seeing well over a thousand visitors to the site each month, not bad for a blog about nothing. there have been months and years of some quality writing, and months and years of drivel.

i want to get back to the quality again. i feel good when words are released.

yesterday i sat in on an informal songwriters' workshop led by a favourite musician of mine- someone i'm thankful to call "friend". it got me thinking about the release that comes from writing, the welling up and overflow of words. the feeling of relief when a thought becomes shared and available.

a heartbreakingly beautiful moment happened in that workshop when a favourite musician of mine showed up- a man who's music brings me to tears- i've put on his album often just to bring myself to that place of release. this lovely man came to the workshop because he was feeling a bit of block and thought "why not?" (side note- the whole location/ story of the workshop is worthy of it's own post) rick shared a song he's working on- one so beautiful and pain filled- i cried through it (and wasn't alone in my tears) after he talked a little about the experience of writing the piece and began to well up himself.

the afternoon just left me with a craving to find words- especially now, as i navigate through some major life changes. i miss expression.

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