Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Eat Papa! Eat!

(disclaimer, I didn't post this one before heading to the cottage- cottage stories are coming soon)

There are certain Christmas movies that just make the season for me. My mom was in love with "It's a Wonderful Life", I've always been partial to the Christmassy cartoons- but I'd still sit down every year and watch that one with her. I think of her when I watch it now. This year I didn't really get around to watching any Christmas specials...

Anyway, for me it was the Disney "Silly Symphony" Christmas special. It was getting old when I watched it as a kid, but it was the thing that brought me into the Christmas Spirit. A few years ago I posted my favourite short, I'd spent years trying to find it... I'm posting it again.  Jump to 6:25 for the "Night Before Christmas" portion.

The stop frame animation Christmas specials were also a huge favourite of mine. Rudolph being the all time best.
At work when we want to encourage one of our individuals to eat his supper, we quote it "Eat papa, eat! No one wants a skinny Santa".

Skinny Santa is what I call this one guy that I see in town. He's an older man in his 60's with a long flowing beard. He's a runner. I totally yell (in my head) "Eat papa, eat!" when I see him.
The other day I saw him jump the plastic fencing around a construction site while he was running. We've gotten a good amount of snow here this week, and he high stepped his way to the fence and bounced over it.

I giggled.

But I laughed HARD out loud when I saw him high step his way to the porta-potty on the other side of the construction site.

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