Thursday, January 03, 2013

Eve of a new year

My friend Lynnie's family has a second home/cottage outside of Owen Sound. The past few years our little circle of girfriends has gone up for a weekend in the winter.
This year, Lynnie is still living out West on Gabriola but she arraigned for us to make a visit there without her.

There's a lot of lazing around when we go out there. Woodstoves, too much food, naps, trashy magazines, too much food, old movies, knitting, endless CD sharing... but there are also kitchen dance parties, art making, hikes, and snowshoe adventures.

New Year's Eve we were feeling pretty wiped out from our long drive in, and the residuals of holiday excitements .. but one of the ladies had a great idea for an art project and we set to work on creating.
Cut, snip, paste, sketch, colour, snip, write.
We each created a piece that let go of things from the past year, forgiveness extended to ourselves and others, intentions for the next year... and then, at our decided "midnight" time, we strapped on our snowshoes and headed out into the dark with our pieces and some matches.

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