Sunday, January 13, 2013

Miracles on Bond Street.

Two miracles to report on Bond St this morning.

The first is Miss Jellydog... last night WE WENT FOR A WALK. Yes, the dog who has been sleeping for the past 3 weeks got up and went for a walk... then ate all her food without me needing to use the rabbit to taunt her (her food guarding instinct is so strong, she's only been eating when she thinks the rabbit is going to steal her dinner).  THEN, she started playing with a stuffed animal, and when she'd had enough of that, she chewed on a bone and begged to get on the couch. She hasn't played in weeks. She's barely acknowledged I exist for weeks.
I've nearly put her down on 4 different occasions since Christmas. She's had good days that have stopped me- days where she'd get up and go outside and sniff around a bit.. and bad days where I'd clear my calendar for the next morning's trip to the vet after carrying her outside to do her business and lifting her back into her bed.
Last night I even had to chase her out of the rabbit's litter box twice!

The second miracle is that Basement floor... it actually looks clean. It's the first time I've wished I did a before and after picture... the first time I didn't go into the basement and sigh because I was overwhelmed. The floor is dry after yesterday's washing, and now it's filled with all sorts of stories... splashes of paint, circles from cans, patches of rust, weird scratches and pock marks.

I love this old house.

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