Friday, January 04, 2013

Hitch in my stride

I woke up on Tuesday morning and nearly rolled head over arse down the stairs from the loft... all 16 of them...  I counted them as I clung for my life on the bannister.

It was like my leg/butt muscles weren't talking to my brain.
My hip wanted to send my leg in one direction, and the tendons would say "heck no".

Sitting for hours in a car and then sprinting across the field in snowshoes was a poor choice.

Self note: yoga or stretching after such a trip is a good idea.

The next day I tried to give myself a heart attack by trying to snowshoe up the biggest hill in all of Grey County. Rae was a good sport and joined me. I think she was hoping I'd fall down dead so she could use me as a toboggan to get to the bottom of the hill... It nearly happened.

Self note 2: Go on these snowshoe trips solo so you can take many breaks and not feel the need to take on the world.

It's a day after the ride home, snowshoe muscles are fine.. but my butt is still beat from the long ride home.

Self note 3: The GPS knows short cuts. Take them. Also, learn to pack less stuff so there's more room in the car.

Miss Jellybean didn't take up too too much space in the car- and she made a really great lap warmer if you didn't mind that your legs would fall asleep from the weight of her.

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