Friday, January 11, 2013

Kara Thoughts

If you're of the praying type, or the intentions minded, or the love sending sort... please put those vibes to work.

Last night one of the Friesens (the family I worked with in Togo) posted news that the Kara market had burned down yesterday. (article here) This is incredibly sad for so many reasons... People's livelihoods have been lost, their savings, their belongings...
There are many small markets that will profit from this loss, but I'm sure prices will be driven up in a terrible way. It's so hard to make things work in that country already.

I'll dig up some of my market pictures later and post them. Kara market taught me so much about myself and the people of Togo. This is very very sad.

Here's a link to someone's visit to the Kara Market- They don't have many shots from inside- just the butchers' space... they're missing all the fresh veggies, the clothing, fabric, household goods and fetish sections!   The market building was two stories and had a courtyard like space, there were lean-to buildings around on one side that had all the clothing... oh my gosh, it was an amazing place to explore.

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