Thursday, January 31, 2013

Under feets.

Under foot..
under your foots.
under yer' feets.

The rabbit.

I don't think I really took into consideration how much the rabbit would miss the dog. Actually, I didn't figure he'd really even notice that the dog was gone, or at least that there would be no impact on the rabbit...
Until the day after Jelly was gone.

It is near impossible to be in the back room of the house without the rabbit FORCING himself on you. Head butts, nose pokes, climbing legs, stealing shoes, weaving between feet.
All of it.
Attention starved.
If you're a visitor, be warned.

It makes me wonder what was going on between those two when I wasn't home, who was curled up in who's bed?


DavidS said...

Poor guy. :-(

Heather said...

Pontouf needs a new buddy methinks... Or maybe certain members of my household can come over and play more?