Sunday, January 20, 2013

Group W war games.

First... please.. please, take the time to watch the video.

There was a huge fight on the bench*. It took place online for all the world to see. Pieces of it were deleted by worried observers. It got mean. Names were called. People got concerned ... I had several people ask me in real life if things were ok... "Are you and Eve really in a fight? I thought she was so nice!" and "Are things going ok in Toronto? I've been following this fight online and it has me worried, are they going to keep [the jam] going?"

I got an email from a corktown member (who doesn't really know me) after I'd responded to part of the fight online... asking me if I'd been offended by what was being said.

Friends... it was a hoax. A little activity staged by the "Group W Bench and the Bench Warmers" to keep the winter doldrums away. So staged, that we often posted in our private group what our insults were going to be before they were made public. I haven't laughed (belly laughed) like that in a long time. I couldn't check things on my phone- I had to do it in the safety of my own home so as not to scare anyone with my LOUD guffaws.

Please watch the fantastic conclusion to the fight... I wish I could have been there to join them...
(and I'm sure the "elbow to cheekbone" bit was unintentional, but I still love it)

*Group W Bench is the amazing group of talented friends at Corktown Uke Jam. I love them to bits. While I can't be there very often, I'm pretty lucky to be included in their midst. So named for the line in Arlo Guthrie's song "Alice's Restaurant"... we're the Miscreants of the Ukulele, and we'll put you on a tee-shirt if you do something stupid.

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