Tuesday, January 08, 2013


It's that time of year...

I had just one resolution earlier this month, to make some changes.

Pretty vague. I like vague.

But, I've been spending some more time thinking about it. I think Mandamanda has come up with the best list so far, so I told her I was going to steal her list as my own.

  1. More from scratch, less from the box.
  2. Take more pictures.
  3. Make a home that you feel loved in.
  4. Stop trying to be perfect, flaws are more beautiful.
  5. Take the time to truly appreciate every blessing.
  6. Kiss more men
I may have added number six myself.

Going with number 3, I made a list this week... Meg was talking about a program she's doing for January to get the house in order for the year. I thought it was a great idea, and while I don't stick to plans like that, I thought I could at least do a few of the steps. 

So, the first idea was to make a list, room by room, of things that need to be done in your home. Not just things that need to be done eventually like "refinish the wood floors", but also things like "reorganize and wash the pantry shelves" or "wash the shower curtain". 

 I found that for the most part, I ended up with a list of the big things that need to be done... renovation  or decoration projects that I'd never written down or thought through fully. I think I'm going to do an actual walk through and see if there's more small stuff/ cleaning based things I can focus on.

 I wrote my first list then sent Meg a message that said I wanted to cry. I kept thinking about Newland's reaction to her making the list, and his voiced concern that most of it was going to end up being his "to do" list... It's ALL on my "to do" list.

Anyway, I didn't freeze up- which often happens when something seems too large to tackle, I took the dead plant off the top of the fridge and cleaned the top of the fridge... It's been sitting there a year...

I got to cross something off my list!

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Manda said...

Ahh thanks for using my list. I'm glad you clarified #6. I'm pretty sure unless this baby is a boy I shouldn't be kissing more men this year. I completely support you kissing many more men this year! Yeah for crossing things off your list!