Monday, January 07, 2013

Monday Bunday

I woke up the other morning and thought that the dog had killed the rabbit in the night.
There was blood EVERYWHERE.

Then I remembered that the dog was sleeping in my bed... was still sleeping in my bed, and couldn't have gotten down without my help.

Then I spotted him, laying half in his box, half out... asleep? dead?

I walked over to the box, he jumped up and poked me in the knee looking for treats. Not dead, peppy and saucy as ever. He had broken a nail in the night... and then sat under the kitchen table FLICKING his foot, spraying blood everywhere... whacking it against the rail under the table, making it bleed more.

I spent a good 45 mins on the floor scrubbing blood splatter and trying to convince myself that a CSI team wasn't going to blame me on a future murder with their specialized blood finding lights... And imagining myself as Dexter, analyzing the blood splatter and the directions it came from... discovering hidden sprays on the bottoms of chairs (how?), trails through the back room... till finally I found the nail, stuck in the litter-trapper carpet beside his litter/food box. You know the type? Rubbery plasticy threads meant to catch the little pieces of litter that stick to your pets' feet?

gross dude.

just gross.

Give me treats, I had a near death experience.

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