Thursday, January 17, 2013


It felt good to be back the other night... back to the little ukulele jam... it wasn't so little. We had 32 people out and we ran out of chairs.

It felt good to be back at the helm of it, I'm sure Brenda was happy to take a step back out of hosting the night- but it felt strange for me too. There are a bunch of new people who've started in the last year who I don't know, one is a fairly huge personality... We had a tiny moment of clashing, but I think he's ok... I tried not to bruise his ego, but also needed him to know he wasn't going to railroad me. I doubt that anyone noticed.

I feel bad that I don't know everyone's name... and even worse that I don't want to know their names.
I'm glad they're there, and I'm glad they're participating.

There are now 4 or 5 "rushers" in the group, those that speed up as the song goes, and speed up loudly. That'll be something we'll have to work on. Unfortunately our regular bass player hasn't been around, and the other person who plays the bass is one of the "rushers".
Yeah, we'll be working on that.

I'm impressed with the skill level at the jam... they've really come a long way in the past year- while I imagine that they're looking at the chord charts, at least they're willing to dive into some of the harder songs in our books.

Next month we start the new format for the evening... I really hope it goes well, having the first hour be a jam hour and the second hour be a time for people to play the songs they've been working on. I may talk to some people in advance and see if they'll step up, I think it'll be hard to find people willing to do it the first month. Maybe some Corktowners will come join us next month?

Oh my gosh.. I can't wait for wednesday night to hurry up and happen so I can post what's been going on.

(note: this was written on Tuesday night)

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