Saturday, January 12, 2013

The basement diaries

Every day is a bit of an adventure down there in the basement. Yesterday's adventure is one I could have done without.

I've gotten over the black lung- my sneezing is to a minimum after spending a few half hour sessions with the shop vac (new basement rule: until the walls and floor are painted, there will be no more sweeping, only shop vac duty).

The next job on the to-do list was to take down the "grow-op closet". I don't think anyone grew much in there, or at least for very long, because the water damage to the wood was so minimal. It was pretty easy to tear down, they really weren't carpenters... it was more of a hobo/hobbit project than anything I've every jury rigged together... Every screw used in the project was different, some had been painted, most had been worn so badly on the heads that I had to pound them out with a hammer from the back... Though I will give them credit where it's due- that use of the cut up hockey stick nailed to the wall really did offer the closet ceiling extra support.

The closet ceiling.

The closet was built under the left hand side of the pantry, and extended under the spare bedroom. The entire thing was made from chipboard... which loses most of it's strength with water damage... this is why it was so easy to pull apart. Remember when I moved into the house? Chris pulled out the floor boards and subfloor in most of the pantry because it had been saturated with cat urine? He didn't have to do anything to the left side of the pantry, we just replaced the trap door that covers the basement stairs...

I'm just going to copy and paste what happened last night from my facebook page...

Dear: People who grew pot in the "closet" that they built in my basement. 
I realize you haven't lived here in years, and you probably don't think about the closet you built very often, but I just wanted to let you know I think about you often. 
Currently I'm cursing you, your children and your grandchildren for the special gift that closet ceiling just provided me... several years worth of DIRTY cat litter from the home owners' pets that came and lived here after you.... that litter just fell on me while I removed that ceiling.  
Excuse me while I go vomit and think of more curses to heap on your heads.
Very sincerely, Lesley Marie

That really happened.
Now I'm gagging again.

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