Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Yup, I'm sad.
Yes, she was just a dog... I'm not heart broken, I'm not lost. I'm just sad that my friend is gone.

This house is too quiet without the snoring.snorting.farting.huffing.toenail clicking.foot licking.

But thankfully there has been lots to do to keep me busy, While going right from the vet's to work wasn't the greatest idea I've ever had- keeping moving has been a good thing.

Today was a marathon work day that gave me flash backs to the time before I bought my house- remember that time I had two full time jobs? "Marathon Wednesdays" It felt a little like that.... on a Tuesday. Running from one place to the next. I'm ready for bed.

It won't always be like this, I just had to throw a few extra hours in at the group home early this morning before starting (the first day) at the Paint Shop. I breathed a sigh of relief halfway through the day realizing that I didn't have to be home to let the dog out... then fought guilt for the rest of the day for feeling that relief...
It won't always be like that either.

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